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NAU | Architecture & Design


The Living Roof offers the essence of the city. It condenses all daily life’s needs into a compact and self-sustaining capsule. Intended as an urban rooftop getaway, but ready to be airlifted into the savanna at short notice, its ultra-insulated shell and regenerative systems allow the Living Roof to exist largely off the grid. Its sensuous forms feed wind into mini-turbines at each end, while funneling rainwater to collectors. Integrated photovoltaic cells also help to make the Living Roof one of the world’s greenest structures.

Used as a hotel, the Living Roof project exists as individual suites spread throughout the city. These lodgings are located in the most sought-after quarters of the city, with locations changing every two years. Inside, rather than dispersing activities horizontally, a functional ring vertically combines sleep, lounge and work areas. Guests can choose their desired mode and the ring rotates the appropriate module downwards. Luxury, style and ecology are effortlessly provided in the Living Roof, a new urban retreat.

A self-sustaining rooftop capsule
The hatch opens and a pleasant voice welcomes you inside.
Minimal interior like a first class cabin
Generates more energy than it consumes
Function ring rotates to desired use
Situated in most sought after areas