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NAU | Architecture & Design

FUTURE DESIGN: Immersive Cocoon

The Immersive Cocoon begins with a simple premise: the digitally created worlds that we visit every day through two-dimensional screens is quickly expanding and deepening into 3D navigable space. This 4m sphere provides the gateway to these worlds with a 360° interior dome-display and the sophisticated motion-sensing software that inspired Minority Report. Suddenly ‘virtual’ space surrounds the user in built form; navigation is accomplished using simple hand gestures and intuitive body movements.

Cocoons can be leased privately or used as 21st century telephone booths, with session time booked on-the-go via smart phone. One can easily start a teleconference with other Cocoon users around the world, making it an idea tele-working option, or initiate intense round of gaming. In an educational role, one could tour a recreated Pompeii, sunken Egyptian tombs or float under the ocean with jellyfish, with facts and information just a touch away. A virtual trainer can monitor your progress using the tracking cameras to evaluate leg, arm and torso positions, and give you encouragement or correct your form, the applications are nearly endless.